Blake Tawny Morris
Blake (right) with his wife Tawny (left)
Birth name Charles Blakey Morris Sr.
Also known as Blake Morris
Born February 19, 1964
Cass, Texas, USA
Nationality American
Occupation Visionary, Entrepreneur, Manager

Charles Morris "Blake" (born February 19th, 1964 in Cass, Texas) is a visionary and entrepreneur. He also is the manager of MattyB, LLC, aiding his son Matthew to a successful career. Charles graduated from the University of North Texas in 1986 obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Charles has been a very successful entrepreneur, starting many companies. He is the CEO, CFO, and Secretary of North American Autonet, Inc. NAA manages the arrangement of the transportation of cargo and freight. His wife Tawny, was the secretary of said company. North American Autonet was founded April 1988 and is still an active company which Charles runs.


Blake married Tawny Rae Centers and had five children with her. They wed on January 30th, 1994 in Dallas, Texas. His four sons are called Blake Jr., John Michael, Josh, and Matthew David, from older to younger. His younger children and only daughter is called Sarah Grace. He is also the manager and uncle of Charles Marshall Manning, a.k.a. MarsRaps. Also brother to Melinda Morris Manning and the son of Jo Craig (Mom), David Morris (DAD), Delores Faircloth Morris (Setp-Mom), and Hoyt Craig (Step-DAD)


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