GirlaPalooza is the Girl Scout's 100-Year Anniversary celebration event. The event was held on November 4, 2012, at the theme park Six Flags Over Georgia. MattyBRaps performed at the event five of his songs for his fans, most of them were Girl Scouts. MattyB got to ride a roller coaster with a BGirl named Lara who won the GirlaPalooza contest. After the roller coaster and the performance, Six Flags set up a meet and greet and MattyB was able to meet many fans of him.

GirlaPalooza 2012! Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary!01:08

GirlaPalooza 2012! Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary!

MattyB's GirlaPalooza Performance and Vlog!03:46

MattyB's GirlaPalooza Performance and Vlog!

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