Great Clips 300
NRA American Warrior 300 (called Great Clips 300 in 2010 and 2011) is a NASCAR Nationwide Series stock car race held at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia, a few miles south of Atlanta. This race has long served as Atlanta's lone Busch/Nationwide Series date, and has been shuffled around the schedule several times. From its inception until 2001 the 300-mile race was run as part of Atlanta's spring Winston Cup race weekend, as the then-Busch Series ended its season at a different track than the then-Winston Cup series.

MattyBRaps performed live on September 3, 2011. He performed on the "Coca-Cola fan stage" his remix of "Ice Ice Baby" and his original single "Sugar Sugar".

MattyBRaps LIVE - Atlanta Motor Speedway (NASCAR Great Clips 300)03:43

MattyBRaps LIVE - Atlanta Motor Speedway (NASCAR Great Clips 300)

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