"MattyB's World" is a web serie where you can follow MattyB's along his life and musical journey, as well as meet other family members and friends that help him to make his dream come true. The serie is developed, co-produced and distributed by Endemol Beyond USA. The serie is broadcast in "MattyBVlogs" Youtube Channel.

Episode 1 "Drop Dirty"

In this episode, MattyB finds Chloe Channell online and decides he wants to remake a hit song with her! Will he be able to get the edgy idea approved by his dad? Will Mars be able to work with MattyB to get the project done on time?

MattyB's World - Episode 1 "Drop Dirty"06:03

MattyB's World - Episode 1 "Drop Dirty"

Episode 2 "Saturdays"

In this episode, MattyB and Justin are stuck at home on a rainy Saturday and terribly bored. Meanwhile, Blake & Tawny are settled in for the afternoon while Mars and Rebecca plan a date night. Will MattyB and Justin find a way to have some airsoft fun?

MattyB's World - Episode 2 "Saturdays"04:50

MattyB's World - Episode 2 "Saturdays"

Episode 3 "Boston"

In this episode, MattyB and the team travel to Boston to put on a concert at the Chevalier Theatre! Between wardrobe malfunctions, missing merchandise and problems with choreography, MattyB and the team must work together to make it all happen with only one hour before doors open. Can they pull it off?

MattyB's World - Episode 3 "Boston"05:00

MattyB's World - Episode 3 "Boston"

Episode 4 "Juicy"

In this episode, MattyB works hard on his brand new cover of the classic hip hop hit, "Juicy"! The video shoot has a rough start when MattyB faces problems with his eye. MattyB and Mars surprise Blake with a "party bus" which turns out to be the wrong one. Can the team pull it together to create a cool music video?

MattyB's World - Episode 4 "Juicy"05:49

MattyB's World - Episode 4 "Juicy"

Episode 5 "The Golden Egg"

In this episode, MattyB and his family celebrate Easter with Sunday morning church and an Easter egg hunt between Sarah Grace and MattyB! After Blake hints about a $20 golden egg, MattyB tries desperately to find it before Sarah Grace who is being lead by Josh. With Blake giving MattyB wrong directions, who will come out victorious and walk away with the $20 golden egg?

MattyB's World - Episode 5 "The Golden Egg"06:20

MattyB's World - Episode 5 "The Golden Egg"

Episode 6 "Run This Town"

In this episode, MattyB visits the throat doctor due to a sore throat. Blake decides it's best for MattyB to stick to rapping in his next collab and with the help of Mars, the team invites Chanel Loran to Atlanta to film a cover of Jay-Z's hit song, "Run This Town!"

MattyB's World - Episode 6 "Run This Town"05:06

MattyB's World - Episode 6 "Run This Town"

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