Rollins Sisters
Origin Jasper, Tennessee
Occupations Dancers
Years active 2012-present
Current Members
Hannah Rollins
Emily Rollins
The Rollins Sisters is a dancing duo which consist of the two sisters Hannah and Emily Rollins from Atlanta, Georgia. They have been featured in many MattyB's videos. They played a major part in MattyB's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" as the antagonists. Other videos they were featured in were covers of "Blurred Lines," "Can't Hold Us," "Gentleman," "You Make My Heart Skip," and the special video of "Harlem Shake." They are also friends of MattyB and Emily is thought, by some fans, to be MattyB's girlfriend.

I've met the Rollins sisters. In fact, I went to school with them. And I can say, by personal experience, that both of them are nothing but egotistical bitches who do nothing but brag about how famous they are.

Hannah used to go to my school and I can agree, Emily was in my sister's grade and she says the same. All they do is brag about themselves. They are bratty stuck up girls who are selfish and what's so great about somene who can dance well? I know some amazing dancers but they are not stuck up about it and they aren't getting noticed by social media. smh.