"You Down With MattyB"
Cover song by MattyBRaps
Released January 20, 2014
Recorded January 14, 2014
Genre Hip Hop
Length 2:48
Original performer Naughty by Nature - O.P.P.
"You Down With MattyB" is a song covered by MattyBRaps. The song is originally performed by American hip hop trio Naughty by Nature, from their second studio album Naughty by Nature. MattyB uploaded a music video for the cover on January 20, 2014, to his official Youtube channel.


You down with MattyB
Yeah you know me (x3)
Who's down with MattyB

I be da... the coolest kid who ever kicked in tha hallways
I'm one of a kind snap back and some funky Js
I don't discriminate... me I like to innovate
and I'd like to chill cause my favorite day is saturday
I throw some mad parties maybe you should come to some
the weekly 8 to 3 to me can be encumbersome
When I arrive they celebrate the little homies home
Cause I bring the music you can feel down in your chromosomes
so give me the phone... what's the number
no afraid to call
in thirty minutes i'mma have em jumping off the walls
plug in the boombox, someone grab a bag of ice
got the party started
'fore they passed another pizza slice

You down with MattyB
Yeah you know me (x3)
Who's down with MattyB

From the tippity top
I'm gonna get mine without permission
I do my thing-a-ling and people like to stop and listen
No second guessing... the lyrical mind of MattyB
I go on a roll more than butter in a bakery
There ain't no faking me... closer than a relative
You know I love to stay flyer than a pelican
I might be young but it ain't about da age son
Making funky rap music for my generation
With no apologies for each and every cooky line
So gather round with all your friends and have a good time
This how we do it, we living it up, a change of pace
Everything is fine till somebody breaks your momma's vase
Just gimmie da microphone check like a one two
Just got the party jumping higher than a kangaroo
Shrug off the drama when surrounded by friends
and if you ain't participated I'mma ask you again

You down with MattyB
Yeah you know me (x3)
Who's down with MattyB

that's how we do it
yo that's how we do
I need a vacation from my time at school
I wanna kick back relax with my friends and cool
We bout ta have a good time. how bout you? (X2)

Music Video

You Down With MattyB (MattyBRaps Cover)04:34

You Down With MattyB (MattyBRaps Cover)

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